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What does Captic do?

Captic provides the easiest and most flexible AI Vision solutions for difficult food contexts.

A animated layout of a conveyor belt with two robots + vision systems
@ Food companies

Our systems automate manual tasks and give precise insights into production. All of our systems have a guaranteed ROI and provide better and safer production with minimal effort.

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#Waste Reduction
#AI Strategy
@ Integrators

We help solve the most challenging cases by taking on the vision for you. Leverage our powerful AI and expertise instead of building a subpar solution with traditional vision.

#AI Vision Expertise
#Easy Integration
The anomation from the conveyor belt zoomed in at the first robot (is depalletizing)A zoom on the first animation showing that the camera system passes data to a computer system that is able to steer an industrial machine
@ machine builders

We help our customers build smarter machines, faster. These machines need less or no operator attention. By integrating our systems, our customers innovate much faster.

#AI Vision Expertise
#Easy Integration

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In-line Quality Control
Uses the best available technology to maintain consistency and meet regulatory standards effectively.
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Package and print inspection
Match labels, packaging, and product, all in one go. Switch seamlessly between products without requiring operator configuration.
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Depalletizing and/or unpacking
Automate your depalletizing for all types of boxes, bins and / or bags. Let one robot do the laborious job instead of 6 people.
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Toxic / Foreign material detection
Detect, alert, quantify, and remove toxic or foreign materials from product flows around the clock, using the best available technology.
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Visual SKU sorting
Compact yet powerful, lightning-fast sorting of various SKUs.
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High-speed Pick and Place
Boost productivity and precision in your operations with our cutting-edge solution.
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OEE reporting
Utilizes visual data from your production line to offer precise insights into your production.
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Continous Potato Size Calculator
Effortlessly manage your potato flow and achieve the perfect mix for your production needs
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